About us

         Welcome to Nedongsaeng~

    As long time Kpop fans ourselves, we remember missing out on merch, being unable       to make accounts on Korean sites, or paying $30+ for shipping to our country. We started this small business while living in Korea, realizing we were in a perfect situation to be both          GOMs & Suppliers. 

             We do the hard parts of shopping for you. Going to stores in Seoul, ordering                      fanmade goods on twitter, queuing over night for merch at concerts, purchasing                 from Koreans who only do domestic payments/mailing, and finding goods that                    don't often come up for sale outside of South Korea or Japan. We keep our                        prices as fair and affordable as possible, while still being able to cover our                       expenses from getting goods (travel, currency exchange fees, mailing                          supplies/ect) & compensate our trusted friends and fellow GOMs who help us supply         and ship goods.

      You may notice we run things a little differently than other GOMs. We use our Website           & Online Shop to help organize and simplify the process for you and for us. You can                                check our website anytime to see or join all our open orders, buy                                          stock we have in our shop, read our rules and regulations, contact                                    us about personal shopping, check the status of your current orders              or leave us a review! Our main source of updates and contact are here on our  twitter and on our website.

Thank you for choosing Nedongsaeng!