Frequently asked questions


Do you ship worldwide? How do you ship things? What is EMS included vs World Wide Shipping Included?

Yes, but be prepared to pay more for shipping to certain countries. This is out of our control.

What is EMS included vs World Wide Shipping Included?

EMS Included is the fee we add on for shipping from the creator/originating business to us. This means you will have to pay shipping from us to you. World Wide Shipping/Shipping included means you ONLY pay the cost that is showing. Everything is included in that price.

What do you mark as the value of our packages?

We know some countries will charge you customs fees if the package is over 40$. Most of the time, we mark the packages as 20$ or less (we are not responsible for lost packages and inability to get money back if this is the case) but if it is a CD or something more expensive, we will mark it 40$ or less. If you have specific shipping instructions, then please leave a note on your order upon checkout. We do not know all the customs laws of every country.

I didn't pay my shipping because I....didn't see the email/tweet/didn't see the invoice/didn't know it was time to pay.

We email twice, usually, and every so often we will send invoices via paypal. We also tweet about it often. If you don't pay shipping within 7 days, your items are reclaimed and resold, no exceptions. Sorry, we can't afford to stack up stuff and chase people down...

My tracking hasn't updated since the item was in Korea!

Registered mail only tracks to the point of dispatch, we do this for the price, or else it would be much more expensive to ship. Please check with your post office via email, phone, or going in with the tracking number! They will be able to update you.

I think my package is lost!/My item came damaged!

Once items leave our hands to the post office we are not responsible for damage/lost items. We can't provide a refund, we are not a large company, and we can only send replacements for a fee/under certain circumstances. Please understand!

Where is my order?! 2.0 (I have a tracking number!)

Please check the tracking that you are provided. It will after a while tell you the dispatch number from Korea, from that date it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to reach you (sometimes longer, depending on your post office). In total, packages can take up to 2-3 months to reach you, though registered mail (the main way we tend to ship things) tends to take a month to reach our buyers.

I got an order twice/I got an item that wasn't mine! What do I do?

Please DM or email us ASAP so we can decide whether it's worth having you ship the item back to us or not. If we do decide that we want the item(s) back, we will pay for the return postage, and more often than not be able to provide you with a shipping label you can print out and put onto the package. If we can't do this, then we will fully compensate you for anything you buy (postage & packing materials) to return the item(s) to us, as well as give you some for your time.

My tracking number doesn't work! Why not?

We assign tracking numbers before we actually bring the items to the post office. This means: 1) We create the label with your information (After shipping email is sent/paid for/items are weighed) 2) We scan in the label's tracking number and you get a confirmation email 3) (In some cases) We put your order together fully in a box or packing envelope and double check the order 4) We physically bring it to the post office with normally 70-80 other packages. We are each only one person (one in the USA one in Korea) and therefore can only carry a certain amount of packages each time we go to the post office. And sometimes we can't get to the post office every, please wait a 1-2 weeks for tracking numbers to be scanned in and begin to work. we have a huge amount of orders coming in and going out at any given time, so yours may not be in that pile for a little while.

Do you ship to Korean addresses?

If you live in Korea, yes!
Is it a forwarding address? We prefer not. I only mail by Courier within Korea. The labels are made online and printed at the store. These are Korean services ment for 3 charcter Korean names. Your 20 charcter name + 10 charcter forwarding address number probably wont all fit on the label. It will only print what it has room for, no matter what I enter. I am not in the business of hunting down packages for you when the company cant find them because your name does not match exactly...
It must be the address on your paypal.
Also, it must be writtten in Korean. We do not accept romanized addresses.


Where is my order?! (I don't yet have a tracking number)

Please check our twitter for updates. The masterlist will also give updates periodically, and if your item was shipped, usually the website where you ordered from will email you with tracking. If you paid via paypal and your items are coming from the USA (you can check this via #nearrivalskorea and #nearrivalsusa) you will also get a tracking number on paypal~ Pay attention to the descriptions of our items when you check out. It will tell you a lot of information, such as when we assume we will be shipping, how long it may take to manufacture, etc. *** CD sales will usually take a little while to ship because we purchase them THROUGHOUT the promotional period. If you order the CD the first day it releases, we may not buy it until the 2nd week of promotions, depending on availability and if we're trying for fansigns or not. Keep this in mind when purchasing. We charge less for CDs for a reason. If you want the CDs quickly, please look into purchasing elsewhere. Our deals are there for both helping you to save money, but also so that we can spread orders out and not stress ourselves.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit & Debit Card, and Korean Bank Transfer. We can also send paypal invoices which will accept credit/debit card payments as well. Under certain circumstances we will take cash, but only if you are near us and we agree to meet up.

Can you combine my shipping? I ordered a few items!

If we can combine your order, we will do so. If we can't, then we apologize, you will have to pay more than one shipping fee. Sometimes items just come in too far apart from one another.

If the 'open orders' page still has an order, but has passed the 'closed' date, can I still order?

If the form is closed, then no. If it's the same day of the closure...still no, please make your orders before the very last day, and check to make sure it closes either by KST (Korean standard time) or CST (central time). If the form is still open then feel free.

Are you a big company? Can you be our suppliers? Do you have special abilities to get at goods before everyone else?!

No, maybe, and no. If you are looking for CD/Merch suppliers of upcoming release dates/concert dates, feel free to DM us. We do team up with fellow GOMs around the world to make these orders as affordable as possible for everyone! Please note that we are just two people, one in Korea and one in the USA. We do this for fun and as a 'side job' kind of thing. So no...we don't have special abilities to get goods, we just know how to get at merch on Korean sites and we have lovely friends in Seoul who are willing to stand in line for special merch.

Your stock says SOLD OUT on your shops page! Do you still have any?!

No, if it says sold out, we are sold out.

Are the prices in Korean Won or USD?

We go by USD here. We accept all forms of payment stated above, as long as the buyer covers the fees. Currently we add a 5% 'tax' on our shop for PP fees.

Why do you only accept G&S for orders?!

A) We want to make it as safe as possible for both buyers and sellers. B) For shipping, this makes it so in the USA we can print slips directly from paypal and the tracking number is given to the buyer. Fees are included in our shop upon checkout, so no worries. If you open a case against us for ANY reason whatsoever we can get our paypal locked and the money becomes inaccessible. We will remove you from future orders and Name & Shame you on FB/Twitter if you open a case against us without checking with us first.

Will you order (insert item here) for (insert group here) even though you haven't done that item/that group before?

Yes, we are a multifandom GO page, so we will take requests for any group. Please just don't be offended if we decide to not do your request.

Why no BTS?!

Due to difficulty with getting items (they sell out super quickly) and sometimes fan aggression (yes, fans can be aggressive) we decided against taking BIG REQUESTS for BTS goods. We've also had a few run-ins with rude fans, and that really left an impact on us. If you have a private order you want to make for a BTS item, feel free to ask us.

You used to do tickets for concerts, what happened?!

It became too overwhelming for Ellyn to handle, because Summer moved back to the USA and the 14+ hour difference in time makes it hard to wake up for, as well as Korean site restrictions, etc. So for now, we have retired our ticketing services. Sometimes we will still get extra tickets for shows in Korea, but we tend to not do tickets within the USA.

Why do you mention fees other than paypal fees in your rules?

Sometime we will add additional fees to goods (such as concert merch and pins) to pay for our time/pay for others' time in helping us get the goods. We also tend to add .50-1.50$ extra on shipping because we pay out of pocket for shipping supplies, such as bubble wrap, envelopes, gas, etc.