How We Work: Rules & Regulations

We reserve the right to deny service at any point. If we are mistreated or feel as if we cannot obtain what is requested, we will let you know in an email. If payment has already been made, you will be refunded if the transaction is canceled mid-purchase.

We may be unable to obtain the exact request you ask for, or get a item at all. 

We are not all-knowing about everything when it comes to item releases and drops. Please look around yourself for information and feel free to let us know if we have made a mistake or have not yet updated after 48 hours or so.


Please remember that Ellyn is in South Korea. I am like in a very different time zones than you, with my own schedules. I work  full time afternoon to evening, and have my own hobbies and personal schedules outside work, so please be patient with!

We will not always run requested group orders, keep this in mind.


WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT YOUR ORDER IF YOU USE OUR WEBSITE SHOP. Do NOT DM US to purchase items or ask for prices. Check our shop for this information.


If you have a request for us, mention/@ us on twitter:

Try not to DM us for serious matters. Twitter DMs have no search function and it can be hard to find your messages.



  • You should get a confirmation email upon checkout.

  • All payments are final. If you send payment after checking out on our site (for group orders), or after accepting our quote(s) (for item requests) we will not refund you fully. Paypal keeps the fee for G&S transactions, so I cannot refund that part.

Group orders/Shop GOs; (3+ people per order)

  • Orders will originate from Korea, normally. We will order from a site or pick up the item(s) directly in store ourselves. If ordered from a site, they will ship to Korea first.

  • All group orders will now be ordered through the site directly, no forms are being used anymore.

  • DO NOT COMBINE GROUP ORDERS WITH OTHER GROUP ORDERS/OTHER ITEMS it is confusing and problematic for us! This may mess up what you do and don't get when we start shipping!

  • Check what shipping we ask for in the item description! If it says nothing about shipping, choose free or 'I don't know'.

  • Sometimes we have limited slots, so please check our ordering page or twitter! (Where ever you saw the original post)

  • There can be a few steps to shipping. Be it from a site/creator --> Ellyn in Korea --> yourself. Sometimes orders for items like dolls originate in China, NOT KOREA, so pay attention to the specific shipment requirements. This can be up to 3 payments being required per order (2 shipping, 1 order.)

  • If the order says closed, it is closed. Please wait to see if we have any spare items later.

  • See below for payment information.

On-hand items/Shop;

  • Items in our site shop are either extras, on-hand items, or pre-orders. All items will be purchased through our shop now, no matter the circumstances.

  • We will generally make a tweet when we have new items in stock. If you buy through our shop, you must pay as you check out. 

  • Shipping time is generally within 14-20 days of the order being placed. Please try not to contact us about shipping unless its been more than 15 days from the time you paid for the item (+shipping in some cases) unless it is a pre-order.

  • Again, some items in our shop are pre-order, it will be noted in the description of the item/the referral post. These items will obviously take longer than a week to ship. You can find shipping updates on our twitter @nedongsaeng

  • Stock sales will take place as necessary. They will have reclaimed items, concert goods, stuff from shop(s) and other goodies we've picked up along the way.


Payments & Refunds;

  • All prices are calculated into USD and usually rounded up to even numbers. (So a price that is $1.75 will be rounded to $2.00, 1,000 won will be $1.00)

  • We accept Paypal, G&S ONLY, and any Check/Debit/Credit card that can be used online. You do not need a Paypal account to order from us.

  • Will only take Goods & Services. 5% is added as 'tax' for business taxes/paypal fees/currency conversion fees.

  • All payments are final. You will only get a 75% refund if you back out of a payment for most reasons.

  • If you do not pay any of the 2-3 payments required per order, you will not get your item(s). If you do not pay all of the payments within 7 days of the final ship-out date the shipping price will be raised as a 'holding fee' for another 7 days. After that 14 days, you will not get your item(s) or a refund. They will be resold.

  • If you falsely open a claim against us, we will blacklist you and make other GOMs aware.

  • Before you open a claim (whether it be item never arrived or we forgot to refund you, etc) email us. One of us is usually up no matter what time of day it is. We'll respond as quickly as possible.

  • Please make sure you can financially handle an order before joining in. Speak to us if you need a few extra days before paying, we try to be kind about this. We just want communication.

  • ** If your paypal name/email address does not match the name/email address you provide to us, we can miss your payment or not be able to ship your item at all. You also may not get shipping emails. If you don't give us this information ahead of time, expect delays in your shipping! You may also be left out of shipping, because we check those payments before shipping out items. If your payment isn't there, we won't ship it.

  • If you do not pay shipping within the 7-14 days we allow, you will not get your items or a refund.

  • If your items are returned to us (because of something that did not have to do with us, aka unclaimed or you gave us the incorrect address) you will NOT get a refund for your items. You can pay shipping again and we will ship your items to you again, but we will NOT refund you if you don't want to pay shipping again.

  • Due to paypal's new rule about not refunding fees, we are forced to keep a small percentage of refunds (if the refund was not directly caused by us). If items sell out, become unavailable, or anything similar, we will keep a small percentage to pay fees. If we lost your item, or there was a situation that we had control over, then we won't keep the small fee..



  • Generally, shipping is 1 step: Korea --> You. It can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the order.

  • We ship according to our own IRL schedules, as well as what GOs and requests we have going. If orders are coming in close together, we will try to ship when everything reaches us. If they are spaced apart, they will ship separately. All of this impacts price, as well.

  • I generally try to take packages to the post office 2~3 days a week.

  • Prices also reflect shipping materials. (Boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap, etc.)

  • We are not responsible for damage that occurs during shipping. We always use adequate packaging when sending the goods from us to you but we cannot control what happens while it is in the Postal Services hands.

  • We are not responsible for lost/stolen mail. Once the package leaves our hands at the post office, we no longer have control over what happens to the package.

  • You must take a video of your package AS YOU OPEN THE CONTENTS INSIDE before we send you replacements/refunds for missing items! Check EVERYTHING in the envelopes for items! Sometimes we put cards and small items into boxes/other envelopes to protect them, or when we are combining orders!

  • If your address changes, email us ASAP. 

  • You are now REQUIRED to have your PREFERRED SHIPPING ADDRESS as your PAYPAL SHIPPING ADDRESS. We are not protected by PP if this is not the case. If this is an issue, email us. We may be able to work it out.

  • SHIPPING TO KOREAN FORWARDING ADDRESSES/MOTELS/HOTELS/GUEST HOUSES IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I only mail within Korea by courier. the courier labels are made online and printed at the store. Korean Couriers are designed for Koreans, and as such your full name WILL NOT fit on them. If your forwarding address needs a 20 character name plus 10 character identification number, its going to get cut off. I'm not tracking these packages down or calling anyone within Korea for you.

  • All Korean addresses (must be you/your friend/family/etc) must be given to us IN KOREAN or we will not ship! Romanized addresses tend to get lost/confused in the mail in Korea.


Etc etc + disclaimer;

  • If you have run into a problem, please contact us. We try to keep everything as smooth as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way and we understand that. If you need a few extra days to wait for payday, we get it. If there's an emergency and you may not be around for a payment request day, or an order end date, or whatever, message us. We will work something out. 

  • One final reminder that we are not a big company, we do not have employees. Anyone working on Nedongsaeng orders is doign it on their own time on top of a 40+ hour a week full time job. We can make or cancel orders depending on our schedules, this is a reserved right.

  • These orders usually have our fees already added into the prices. Fees cover the time and money we spend getting your items. We don't buy items just for the sake of trying to resell them for a profit, but we do charge a small amount for the time we spend up-keeping our sites, getting items, and the costs of physically traveling to get some of these things.