Layaway Rules & Openings


Layaway is at OUR discretion. Meaning we can take or turn down anyone asking at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to end a layaway at any time if we feel like there are problems/we are being treated rudely/you have broken other rules.

This does not guarantee you the item you are asking about. If others purchase the items(s) before you are OK'd for the layaway, then that is how it is. Sorry, we won't take items away from others.

Current Slots;

  1. OPEN

  2. OPEN

  3. OPEN

How sign up for layaway;

  • Check this page to make sure we have a layaway slot open. A slot MUST be open or else we wont take anymore people.

  • DM us on twitter or email us (with the title 'layaway' or something similar) with the item link and ask. It's that simple.

  • We will say yes or no to the layaway.

  • If no: please don't throw a fit. 

  • If yes: we will discuss the layaway options, payment plan and fees with you.

How the layaway works;

  • If your request is accepted, and there is a slot open, then we will begin by reserving the item for you. (AKA we remove it for sale on the site)

  • You have already read this entire page and our rules and regulations already hopefully, but this is one of the steps you need to take in order for us to begin the layaway.

  • We discuss whether the item(s) can all be set aside for layaway or not. (See: Items eligible for layaway below)

  • We discuss the fees, price, and shipping/handling of the items.

  • We take a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of an agreed upon percentage.

  • We set up a paypal layaway payment schedule.

  • You pay weekly/bi-weekly for the amount of time that we agree on. We won't do longer than 2 weeks between each payment.

  • Once you pay off the item, we ship you the said item, and remove your name from the slot! Yay!

What happens if I don't pay/can't afford the item(s) anymore/don't want them anymore?

  • If you don't pay the weekly/bi-weekly payment, we will refund you everything but the non-refundable percentage we agreed on, as well as a 10% additional fee, and list the item up for sale once more.

  • If you absolutely need more time to pay (say a few days after your bi-weekly payment) TELL US. We are open to working things out with you! Don't be afraid to ask questions!

  • If you can't afford the item anymore, it is the same as inability to pay your set payment schedule. You will be refunded, however we will refund you everything except for the initial non-refundable payment. There is no further fee. (This is because you TOLD us you can't afford it...)

  • If you don't want the item anymore--it will be treated as a skipped payment. Sorry, but we can't have people dropping their slots left and right because they decide to not buy the item anymore.

So, what items are eligible for layaway?

(These are for on-hand stock items)

  • Item must be over 50$.

  • Orders with 2 or more items the second item must be worth at least 20$.

  • Maximum 2 items per order, worth over 70$ total.

  • If your order goes over 2 items, we won't accept it for layaway, sorry.

  • Orders with more than 1 very rare item will not be accepted unless otherwise specified.

  • The lower the total, the less time you will have to pay the item off. But we will max out at 2 months (that is 2-4 paychecks, depending on if you get paid bi-weekly or monthly.) This will be an agreed upon length of time, and if you don't agree, then we won't be able to do the layaway.

So, what items are eligible for layaway?

(These are for pre-order sales, we will be picky for these.)

  • Item(s) can be any price.

  • We will accept up to 10 items per order.

  • Total must be over 30$, maximum 125$.

  • If your order goes over 10 items, we won't accept it for layaway, sorry.

  • Orders for pre-order items cannot mix with stock items.

  • If your items are pins/fanmade items, your payment will be due by the time the item reaches our Korean/USA address, period. This is the maximum amount of time we will offer you, sorry.

  • If you are ordering official goods (such as seasons greetings or CDs) you will have maximum 2 months to pay.

**(Again) We reserve the right to change these rules at any given time. This is a testing phase, we will change rules as things pop up that need changed. We also reserve the right to pick and choose who we do and do not offer layaway to, if you are a long-time customer, we are more likely to help you out because we 'know' you. Sorry to newcomers, we have to protect ourselves, too.

We are not a credit card company, we are not out to start offering loans. This is our money out of our pocket that we are paying to help others. Please keep this in mind when asking about layaways...if you're rude, you definitely won't get one.