SuperM CDs (Late)

SuperM CDs (Late)


This is a PRE-ORDER. Do NOT combine with other items.


Shipping is NOT included. Please read below for further info.


You will get a separate email with shipping once the items are in-hand.


It says something about a digital downlod as well for each order--I'll do my best to give those out to everyone, hopefully it's on a piece of paper and not an email code....

  • Shipping

    If you are ordering within the USA, I will be using media mail. To mail 8 cds, it costs 6$, to give a bit of an example of the price.

    We did check price for 1 shirt and 1 CD to ship to the USA and it was about 7$, so...I think we're still saving you quite a bit of shipping.

    As for international; it depends on the country and the weight. I got anywhere from 6-13$ for 1 cd if we assume the CD is 12oz like all the other CDs we've sold thus far have been. Keep this in mind when purchasing. We still believe we will be saving you shipping in the long run, since it costs so much to ship out of the USA for this website.


    IT CAN TAKE UP TO 3 WEEKS FROM THE TIME OF ARRIVAL AT OUR USA ADDRESS TO SHIP. We will be ordering THROUGHOUT the promotional period, so we may not get all the items around the 4th (when the CD releases). Remember this when ordering!

  • Photocard Sorting

    There are 2 PCs per member, that is 14 cards. They randomly are given throughout the CDs, they are not specific to the cover--so we could order a Taemin CD and get a Ten PC.

    We will email you and ask you about your preferences once we see the actual pictures of the cards. We will, for now, assume we will allow mix-and-matching. We also do NOT guarantee that you will get your card will be asked for your top 4 preferences, so we will try our best to get you 1 of those 4. I know many of you are fans of the specific group and may not want another group member's PC, but...sometimes we just can't control that possibility.

    Again, keep this ALL in mind while ordering.