Starting your own shop

Have you ever thought about becoming a GOM? Are you already a GOM? Ever wonder how we keep track of hundreds of orders without fully losing our minds?

We use WIX and their shop feature! We've also gotten our friends Yeorobungoods and Aruselling to use this shop feature as well!

You can create a shop, export sheets to excel or google docs, and let your buyers know their tracking as well as when orders are fulfilled or not! It also has an app so you can scan in tracking numbers and check orders, inventory, etc etc. It really keeps things organized.

Plus, they don't charge you a fee per purchase like a lot of online shops just pay a yearly (I believe they have a monthly offer as well?) fee and that's all! You can set it up to PP, CC, debit, everything!

Why are we telling you this? We'd like to help make it easier for fellow GOMs to keep track of things. We've been asked a few times how we do it, and now we have a link that not only helps you guys out, but it helps us! If you ever need help setting up a shop, the site, etc, feel free to ask us! We're here to help!

Click here to check out WIX and get started! (Please use this link, it REALLY helps us out.)