TICKETS: Rules and Regulations


Firstly; we reserve the right to deny service at any point. If we are mistreated or feel as if we cannot obtain what is requested, we will let you know in an email. If payment has already been made, you will be refunded if the transaction is canceled mid-purchase.

We may be unable to obtain the exact request you ask for, or get a ticket/item at all. 
We are not all-knowing about everything when it comes to ticketing and events. Please look around yourself for information on events, festivals, dates, etc.

We also have jobs, hobbies and daily lives. We can sometimes help, but please, google it first. If you can't find it on google or after using google translate, then feel free to ask. We'll try to help.



- Please only submit one form per concert. If you send more,  we will assume the first one is the correct one, and any after that are error duplicates.

- Check your form before submitting it. Any incorrect information can end up with us deleting the request.

- Check your email. We will no longer email everyone after every request, so when we do email before ticketing times, it means we need further information. If you do not respond before the ticketing times, we can't complete the request, sorry.

- Check your email 2.0. We will send payment requests here. You must pay within the stated amount of time in the email, or else we may have to give up your ticket(s) to another requester.

- All payments are final. If you send us a payment after accepting a ticket then change your mind, we will not refund you. We understand there are other circumstances that may make you need to cancel the ticket, but the fee we charge will not be refunded. Contact us if you need a refund and cancellation of tickets, as well as the reason why.

Using Your Accounts:

- We will not make you an account. Sorry. We can provide links to tutorials on how to make accounts.

- If you give us access to your account (via the ticketing sites, in case it is an ID-based ticketing situation) we will require you to pay our fee before we give payment information for the ticket.

- In this case, once we successfully complete the request, we will ask for you to either send the payment directly to the ticketing site (direct bank transfer) or to us to complete the payment. 

- If you do not respond or send payment within 22 hours of the purchase time on your account, your tickets will expire. In this case, if you have already sent us the fee, but you have taken responsibility for sending payment to the ticketing account, your fee will not be refunded.

Global accounts

Sometimes you can have accounts for ticketing sites on GLOBAL! This means it's all in English, though sometimes they don't sell tickets here for certain events. However, we're going to be referring to them here as if they do have your wanted event. (If they don't, and you live in Korea, make the Korean's not too hard and it's much, much easier to deal with in Korea.)
- We would rather not use the global sites. We are a ticketing site based in Korea for getting tickets to shows in Korea. We opened this service to help those who can't navigate a Korean site, don't have the info needed for a Korean account, are busy during ticketing, unlucky at ticketing, etc etc. But sometimes we will help if...
- You give us warning. We need to know if it is the Global site first. State it when you offer your login. Global logins do not carry over to Korean, nor vice versa.
- You send payment ahead of time. Global sites do not take bank transfer. If you're in Korea, let us know and we will give you our bank info and collect payment early. If you don't want to/don't know how to do this, refer to the 'paypal payments' area.
- We will not pre-pay for global sites. We have a rule stating you need to warn us about pre-payments, but this is for those who cannot afford it at the time (get paid within a few days) or the tickets don't cost over ~ 50,000 won. Fronting over 100,000 won (or more, since we've had requests for 2-4 global accounts at a time) to strangers/a stranger just isn't plausible. 
- Following this, we do not always check to see if the login is global first. If we accept then later try to log on and it is global, near ticketing time, you will be bumped to the bottom and sent an email. It is not our responsibility to check these things ahead, it is yours to warn us and be honest about pre-payment.

Pickups and obtaining tickets:

- We prefer to mail the tickets to you. If you have a Korean address, we will replace the address on the website directly so the tickets never come to us and are in your hands ASAP.

- Tickets will ship out 2~3 weeks before the concert date. We can provide you with the date bulk shipping starts, and the tracking number once it's on its way.

- If you are staying in a guesthouse, ask the owner if you can mail the tickets there. Make sure someone will be there around the date of delivery to sign for the tickets. 

- All concert tickets in Korea must be signed for upon delivery. We recommend you have tickets sent to your place of work. This ensures it will be delivered during working hours and that someone will be there to sign for the ticket.

- We are not responsible for tickets lost in the mail. If you give us the incorrect address or are not there to sign for the tickets, they will attempt delivery 3 days in a row before the tickets are returned to the site and must be picked up at the box office the day of the concert.  (We will send a screen cap of the address before we confirm it, so you can check, too.)

**If you read this far, thank you... only 1/3 of our requests come from people who have read these rules & regs. In the "Anything Else" section of the form, please type 'VVIP'. If you don't type it you will be lower priority, or we may not accept your request. You're asking us to spend an hour of our day getting you tickets, we ask that you spend 10 minutes on this page.**

- On-site pickup is for those (preferably) who do not live in Korea. The admins do not live in Seoul. We will contact you about the details of on-site pickup.

- Box office is usually only done if we purchased the tickets on your account. Sometimes box office is the only pickup option available. In this case, we will send you photos of our ID's to pick up the tickets.

Payments and PayPal*

- If you live in Korea, we expect you to use Bank Transfer. Please make sure you have access to an ATM or online banking payments.
- You will pay us one lump sum that = (cost of the ticket) + (site fees of 1000 won per ticket) + (site shipping fee of 2500won) + (our fee)

- We will only take a specific amount of PayPal orders per concert. This is because we are paying out of our pockets for these tickets before the expiration time. If you are after that 'specific number' we will let you know in email, and you will be added to a wait list.

- If you are using PayPal, you will be required to pay within 12 hours of us obtaining the ticket. This gives us a 10 hour window to see how long the payment will take to go through to our PayPal account, and if we need to move money around. (Banks shut down at around 11pm KST, so we have to give ourselves time to prepare.)

- We do not take into account the most current exchange rates when using PayPal. For base ticket prices, 1,000 won = 1 USD

- You will pay the fees for using PayPal. You have the choice to send payment via Friends & Family with less fees, or sending payment via Goods & Services, which has a more expensive fee attached to it. We will give you the percentage of the fee in the payment request email.

- A secondary fee of 3$ will be added to all PayPal transfers. This is the fee used to pull money from a USA account in Korea. 

It Costs Zero Dollars to be a Good Person

There are some shows we will not be accepting requests for. They're just too popular for us to compete with the fans and the huge resale market. And for these most popular shows the site often crashes, and we don't have any magical loophole to get past that. We're just as out of luck as everyone else.
While we understand you really want to go to your event, if you are sending in a form for a large show (BTS, EXO, WANNA ONE) please be reasonable with your request. If you request 6 BTS tickets from us and we know you will also be trying on your account at the same time, we're probably going to put your request under the girl asking for 1 ticket from us and doesn't have her own account to try for herself.
Shows have a limit per person for a reason, and if it is a popular show, such as EXO or BTS, please try to think of the other fans as well. We're happy to help as backup for smaller shows, but highly-requested shows are a whole different situation.

Finally: The Extras

We try to check details of concerts to the best of our abilities. This means we may be restricted when it comes to obtaining tickets, such as an EXO concert allowing 4 tickets per person, but a SHINee concert only allowing 2 per person. In cases like this, getting more than the limit per request is difficult. We will discuss further details with you, but please remember there is no guarantee.

Our current 'rule of thumb' for restricted 1 ticket per account is; 1 ticket per account (per day) = you will be IDed. This especially goes for SM concerts. They have changed their rules and will not take requests from those who do not have a verified account on that specific ticketing site.

Once the tickets leave our 'care', they are yours to do whatever you want with. We are not responsible for the tickets after we get confirmation of delivery.